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Camino Checklist

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

I did my research and attended workshops as I suspect many of you are doing, I signed up to forums and trawled blogs in my quest to prepare myself for this Camino. If I can give you any advice, it is this: #caminochecklist #camino #thefrenchway #caminotips

  • firstly, you don't need much - I really mean this. Travel light and I mean light: apply the principal of "One on - one off" except for socks of course (see my blog on Foot Care)

  • secondly, anything you may need and forgot to pack, you can buy on the Camino. The towns and cities are geared for pilgrims and they cater for their every need. Pharmacies are in abundance and most of the Pharmacists speak English. Physio Therapists are available as are Hospitals too. Sport stores are in the bigger towns/cities that will have anything you need from hiking poles, shoes, rain gear and so on.

I took with me everything I thought I could possibly need landing up with a backpack that was way too heavy. Truth be told I wasted money buying things I never needed/used.

You can discard things along the way. Most Albergues have a donation box where you can donate your unwanted items. If you spent the money I did on equipping myself, discarding was not an option. So I landed up sending my pack back ahead each day and I walked with a day pack (which I bought in Pamploma).

Here is my checklist, drastically reduced from the one that I started out with. These were the things that I used and needed - nothing more and nothing less.