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Road tripping in style....

Road tripping the USA and Canada, now who would have thought that this is what I would be doing in August/September 2018? Certainly not me. There is something to be said about just simply going with the flow... and that is how this has come about for me. #roadtrippin #gowiththeflow #livingmydream

I started out getting myself a little Chevy Astro 1998 with a bed in the back and was pretty much going to hit the road with her, travelling from campsite to campsite and road trip the USA and Canada.

Friends of mine had bought her and road tripped Route 66 in her last year. Her name is KT.

While her was high (226000 miles), she was in pretty good shape. I knew however, the risk was high that something could go wrong mechanically. I became just a little uneasy when planning this trip and realising that my plan totalled just over 5000 miles (8000 kms). I was a woman alone and not very able mechanically speaking. A small inner voice started nagging at me, whispering at first and then mumbling loudly. My planning continued none the less. I reasoned that if she broke down I could just leave her and make my way back home. That of course would be a worst case scenario and not what I was wanting.

My idea was that if I enjoyed the road tripping lifestyle, that I would upgrade my van to a Camper Van/Coach and get myself something that I could live in more comfortably. So to this end, I had been keeping an eye on various websites, looking for my ideal set of wheels. Within a month of me leaving, up popped this ad. WOW, my ideal van, perfect in every way including the price tag. I just had to go and see her and of course the rest is history. Blueberry... she was meant to be from the moment I laid eyes on her. It's amazing how when things are meant to be, the universal energy pathways just flow, easily and without resistance. The purchase was easy and the price right. I was also able to sell the Astro Van quickly too. I didn't quite make my money back on her but to be honest, I was not going to hang on to her for the sake of a few hundred dollars. I sold her some 4 days later.

Preparations were underway and it didn't take too long for BlueBerry to be ready for our maiden road trip. I even added a beaded peace sign mobile and some flowers to the mix too! (I love the concept of Hippie/Peace/Makelovenotwar - I come from that era)

My beautiful artistic daughter did the honours for me... she is so creative.

BlueBerry was also taken to an RV specialist to be checked out. Mark got the small things fixed so that everything was working perfectly. I had a personal lesson in operating all the various pumps, tanks, generators and the like. Its an art to work all this stuff!

I have kitted her out with new linen and stocked up her cupboards with every possible thing I need with respect to crockery, cutlery, pots, pans and so on. Her pantry and fridge were stocked too. Well that said, its not a lot - small space requires a minimalistic attitude.

All that was left to do, was for me to pretty much hit the road.

I left Nashville on Tuesday 14th August around lunch time... heading for the Great Smokey Mountain National Park and Gatlinberg. The plan was to start here, head up the Blue Ridge Parkway #Blueridgeparkway (Google it - its promises to be the most scenic drive in this area) to Shenandoah National Park #Shenandoahnationalpark. After spending a few days here, I will move on to Maine and the Arcadia National Park #Arcadianationalpark before I head across the border into Canada. The bulk of this trip is going to be spent in Nova Scotia #novascotia and Prince Edward Island. I then plan to head across the southern part of Canada and re-enter the USA at Niagara Falls.

Come join me on this road trip - I will be doing a few trails, practicing my photography skills, learning to speak Spanish and learn to play the Ukelele while I am on the road! I am hoping that along the way I will get to learn and grow within myself, meet other folk and make new friends...

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